Welcome to South Korea, the new hotspot for digital nomads, digital nomads korea, digital nomad korea

Welcome to South Korea

The New Hotspot for Digital Nomads

What We Offer

Your Ultimate Digital Nomad Life Hub

You can join our commmunity of international and local remote workers, make friends at our weekly events, come on workation to visit the country, and stay at our coliving and coworking in the heart of Seoul.

Tips & Resources
Coliving & Coworking Spaces
Consulting for Visa, etc.

Why Korea For Digital Nomads

Digital Nomad Visa
allowing up to 2-year stay (soon to be announced)

Digital Nomad Visa

Allowing up to 2-year stay (soon to be announced).

Excellent Internet
infrastructure and
laptop-friendly cafes

Excellent Internet

High tech infrastructure and
laptop-friendly cafes.

Natural Beauty
stunning natural beauty and scenic landscapes

Natural Beauty

Stunning cities, mountains and islands.

diverse and healthy
culinary culture


Rich, diverse and healthy
culinary culture.

blend of history, high-tech modern, and K-pop culture


Blend of traditional and high tech history. Home to the K-pop culture.

one of the world's safest cities


One of the world's
safest cities.

Vibrant Nightlife
vibrant nightlife with various entertainment options

Vibrant Nightlife

Vibrant nightlife with various entertainment options.

Public Infrastructure
convenient public transportation and amenities

Public Infrastructure

Convenient public transportation and amenities.

South Korea Digital Nomad Visa

South Korea plans to launch a workation visa, allowing international remote workers to reside and work in the country for up to 2 years

(details will be announced soon)


Digital Nomads Korea is an international community of digital nomads and remote workers in Korea.

Our goal is to inspire your work, nurture dialogue, and share experiences, all while integrating nomads with locals and expats.

South Korea Digital Nomad Community, 디지털노마드코리아, 디지털 노마드 코리아
South Korea Digital Nomad Community, 글로벌디지털노마드, 노마드, 디지털노마드
South Korea Digital Nomad Community, 디지털 노마드, 디지털노마드, 한국디지털노마드
South Korea Digital Nomad Community, 한국디지털노마드, 한국디지털노마드커뮤니티
South Korea Digital Nomad Community, 한국 디지털 노마드, 디지털 노마드 코리아, 디지털노마드코리아
South Korea Digital Nomad Community, 한국 글로벌 디지털 노마드 커뮤니티
South Korea Digital Nomad Community, 디지털노마드코리아, 디지털노마드, 글로벌디지털노마드, 한국디지털노마드

Join the community for free until the end of 2023

As part of our community you'll access our online community channel where we post meetups and offer exclusive invitations and discounts.

Online Community (WhatsApp, Discord)

Online Community (WhatsApp, Discord)

Invitation to Meetups and Workation tripsInvitation to Meetups and Workation trips

Invitation to city Meetups and Workation trips

Discounts for partnered locations

Discounts for partnered locations

Join our Community

Community History

the year we started
members joined the community
attended our meetup events


Ready for a remote work adventure in South Korea?

Our workation trips are the perfect way to discover Korean cities while working remotely and meeting fellow digital nomads. We offer travel to both popular and off-the-beaten path destinations. Journey to discover the beauty of Korea with us!

Korea Workation in Sokcho, 한국 워케이션, 한국워케이션, 속초워케이션, 속초 워케이션
Korea Workation in Sokcho, 한국 워케이션, 속초워케이션, 속초 워케이션


2022 December 13-16
Korea Workation in HongSeong, 홍성워케이션, 홍성 워케이션, 한국워케이션, 한국 워케이션
Korea Workation in HongSeong, 홍성 워케이션, 홍성워케이션, 글로벌디지털노마드, 글로벌 디지털 노마드
Korea Workation in HongSeong, 홍성워케이션, 홍성 워케이션, 워케이션


2023 May 30 - June 2
Jeju Island
Upcoming Korea Workation in Jeju
Upcoming Korea Workation in Busan


Hoppin House coworking and coliving space in Seoul

Hoppin House

Our Coliving & Coworking Space in Seoul

We opened our first community location in Seoul (Hongdae) in October 2023.

🏠 Hoppin House

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Follow us on our instagram and contact us through email or instagram regarding inquiries or partnership offers!

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Digital Nomads Korea


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